Mental Health

Maintaining your mental health

It is just as important to look after your mental health as your physical health.  At Avon Valley Academy, we encourage students to look after their mental health and we guide them with this through PSHE and through our tutor and assembly programmes.

Life is very fast and intense in the 21st century and teenagers often feel pressure to ensure they succeed.  It can feel like everything is about getting good exam results.  Tying this in with the emotional turmoil that the teenage years bring, it is really important for students to look after their mental health.  Five easy things to do to ensure a balance for teenagers are: -

  1. Set small tasks and goals – these are easier to achieve and give a sense of satisfaction when complete
  2. Connect with others – talk to people and meet up with them.
  3. Stay active
  4. Have some “you time”
  5. Do something fun. 

For more details about these click this link 5 ways to improve your mental health | Health for teens | Staffordshire & Stoke

UNICEF give guidance on how parents can support the mental wellbeing of teenagers here Four things you can do to support your teen’s mental health | UNICEF Parenting


Where to go for more support

Sometimes, though, students need more.  They need support because their mental health is already affected.  This might be due to difficulties such as accepting neurodiversity, coping with peer pressure and the effects of social media.

Students often feel anxious and it is important to differentiate between a small amount of stress, which is helpful in life to motivate and focus on challenges and anxiety which is a much more serious condition.

In school, a student who feels like they need more support should talk to their tutor or another trusted adult.  This will ensure that we are aware of the problems and allows us to try to help.

There are several apps and websites which are very helpful.  These are listed below

Urgent Support

Support in Wiltshire is offered by CAMHS (Children and Adolescent Mental Health Service). The website offers support and a way to self refer to CAMHS or you can be referred via your GP. 

If you or someone else has seriously injured themselves, taken an overdose or are on the point of doing so: -


  • Call 999 or
  • Go directly to A&E

Do not use our online referrals form for urgent help.

Pupil voice and mental health images

On your Mind Website Information for children, young people, parents and carers including links to resources and organisations that can support with emotional wellbeing including counselling.  A webchat facility and webinars for parents are currently being developed.

Anti-Bullying Alliance   Provides tools and information, including support around cyber, sexual and gender related bullying.

Epic Friends  To support children and young people to help their friends who might be struggling to cope emotionally.

Teentalk Free and confidential support for young people aged 16-25

Wiltshire Mind a local independent Mental Health Charity based in Melksham and provides County-wide services.

Rethink Rethink support people with mental illnesses through a range of services, groups and training.

Barnardo’s Barnardo’s are a charity who have a wide range of support services for young people including counselling.

Family Counselling Trust FCT Wiltshire delivers low-cost counselling services for children & young people aged 4-18 and their families.  FCT Wiltshire is currently accepting referrals.

Parenting Courses Parenting courses can provide support and guidance to parents and carers if you're struggling with the behaviour of a child, would like support to address issues around parenting teenagers or are simply seeking some hints and tips on parenting in the company of other parents and carers.