Employer and Parent Engagement

Here at Avon Valley Academy we welcome the engagement of both local, national and global businesses. We are looking to work with businesses of all sizes, across all aspects of commerce and industry to help us in our careers development program.

Your assistance would be greatly appreciated and will help us to promote a positive message to our students by educating on the availability and diversity of careers that are available. If you could assist us in any of the following areas or would like to help in any other way with our careers programme, then please do not hesitate to contact us.

Work placement / Work experience opportunities

A work experience programme is valued by all, including potential employers, it helps students gain valuable insight into the workplace and the world of work. It helps students to understand key elements they would not experience in the classroom, being able to follow instructions and then work independently allows student to build on skills they already possess and begin to realise those they need to work on.

To attend any of our structured careers events

Our careers events are aimed to be diverse, engaging and all encompassing, our events consists of several different formats that include;

  • Careers Days - Designed to promote the variance of employment opportunities and provide an interactive experience to certain careers.
  • Mock Interview – To help the students ready themselves and prepare for the interview process that will be ahead of them.
  • Career Guidance – Helping Students to understand the higher education needs and requirements that may be required to fit to the respective job or selected careers path. This helps us understand the need of the employer and offer the relevant guidance to ensure the student is prepared for their chosen career path. 

Apprenticeship opportunities / Recruitment programmes

If you have any opportunities for apprenticeships or full-time employment, then we can work with you through the interview and recruitment process to maximise the time efficiencies and outcomes associated with this process It is key to our goals that we help educate our students in the diversity of job opportunities that exist and the variance of companies such as, size of business, business sectors and geographical locations. If you feel you can assist or know of any other employers that may be able to assist, please contact us so we can obtain the relevant details