The Department for Education tracks attendance carefully.  As good attendance is vital to students success, the target attendance for all students is 100%.

Red, Amber, Green Attendance

Our aim is to find ways to help those with low attendance.  We categorise levels of attendance into red, amber, and green.

  • Green – 97% and above
    Good attendance – in line with, or above national expected average.  Ideally where all pupils should aim to be.
  • Amber – below 96%
    Attendance is below expected level – if your child drops below 96% they are considered to be amber, a signal that attendance has dropped and needs to improve. 
  • Red – Persistently absent
    When attendance drops below 90% there is a serious cause for concern.   If attendance does not improve after intervention from school, the Education Welfare Service may become involved. 

To send or not to send?

Students may wake up in the morning saying that they feel unwell. Always send students to school unless they are being sick.  If they are a little ‘under the weather’ for example with a runny nose, head ache, stomach ache then please send them in, as long as your contact information is up to date, then we can send the student home if required.  We really do appreciate your cooperation with this.

Student’s attendance is monitored and closely tracked.  Letters will be sent home to alert you of poor attendance – even if you phone and report your student as ill.  Illness still counts towards poor attendance and meetings will be called!

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