Personal Development

Through our Personal Development curriculum, our aim is to provide all students with the knowledge they need to lead happy and healthy lives, both now and in the future. 

Personal Development includes statutory learning in Personal, Social, Health & Economics Education, as well as Relationships & Sex Education, Religious Studies, Citizenship, British Values and Careers Education.

We divide our topics into three sections: Health & Wellbeing; Relationships and Living in the Wider World. All students are exploring Health & Wellbeing in terms 1 and 2 through Personal Development.

The reason we cover these topics in this way is explained in our Personal Development Intent Statement:

Through Personal Development we are learning and engaging in topics which will help to build a whole person. In a time when culture is changing and neighbourhoods become a greater mix of religions and cultures, we need to better understand and respect those who believe differently to us. We also need to use what we learn about other people’s beliefs and views to understand our own, unique beliefs and values.

Alongside this, Personal Development also looks at who we are, how we relate with other people in the varying degrees of relationships that we will experience, our health - both mental and physical -  as well as how we fit into society and where we see ourselves going.

At The Avon Valley Academy, we have 16 Personal Development Goals which we will support our students in achieving and meeting through their time with us, building them into the best future versions of themselves.

Student Journeys 

Within our Personal Development and the Tutor Programme we advertise support that is out there for our young people and families in different situations. There are links to some of that support below.

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