Covid-19 Test Centre

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March 8th 2021

Thanks and Congratulations go to Avon Valley College and the local Community.

The Covid Test Centre at Avon Valley College opened its doors to students returning to school on 8th March. Students have been tested 3 times on rotation over the last 11 days, more than 1200 tests have been completed with 100% negative results. But this is a where the negativity ends. Michelle Saunders, Centre Coordinator, “It’s been a really positive experience for everyone. The Volunteers have been exceptional and the students have really impressed us with their calm and mature approach to testing”.

The Centre has been staffed by members of the community, parents and staff at AVC. Sarah Norman, Community Volunteer, “The students have been excellent, they have been both mature and responsible, making our job really easy”. The students have taken the testing in their stride, some were initially anxious but the volunteers created a safe, encouraging and relaxed environment where all students could take part.

Thanks must go to the volunteers for giving up their time to help run the Test Centre and praise to the students who for their positive engagement.